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FABSR was established on 12 October 1995 at the First Conference of Architects of the Black Sea Region by the authorized representatives of the National Organizations of Architects from the Black Sea Region countries – Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Romania, Turkey and the Ukraine. After the joining of Armenia, Bulgaria and Greece to FABSR, now FABSR has 9 members.

FABSR is open to welcome all professional organizations covered by the enlarged definition of the Black Sea basin to become the members.FABSR is an international non-political, voluntary public organization. As such FABSR shall act at the national, regional and international levels, participate in other international organizations and events.


The main purpose of the Forum is to combine Professional efforts of architects of the Black Sea Region with the purpose of attaining the Region’s cultural, ecological, social, economic well-being.To this end the Forum, within the limits of its powers, shall set itself the following tasks:

  • Provision of regular and proper information to the population of the Region about all  the processes and trends concerning the Professional areas of architecture and urbanism;
  • Being constructive opponents to the governments or international organizations functioning in the Region;
  • Development of ecological problems, especially rejection of international projects which might damage local cultural heritage and pollute environment;
  • Rapprochement of legislation and regulation concerning architecture and urbanism in the Region;
  • Contribution to the improvement of architectural education and mutual recognition of architectural diplomas as well as the creation of a common Professional labour area;
  • Introduction of regional creative competitions and joint scientific achievements into practice;
  • Cooperation in the field of protection of historical heritage, particularly in the field of preservation of historical cities and vernacular architecture;
  • Formation of a common information space.